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Cognitive Systems

Solving real-world problems through
Aritificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Our goal is be the Best... Not the Most...


[Anti Theft Solution]

Our journey started in 2018, with a research to secure the CCTV Cameras from theft / tampering(as it's a common practice among Robbers) now we have the HydrA.I, state of the art, AI powered anti theft solution with the world class human and camera tampering detection algorithms.

With our extensive R&D:

  • We have the record of Zero False Positives in Human Detection - NO Shadow / Object falsely detected as Human
  • Advanced Camera Tampering Technology(Camera Vision Loss, Camera Direction Change, Video Blurr, Blow Torches / Gas Cutters, High / Low light around the cameras)
  • We have developed the best anti theft system for Homes / Retail Outlets / Jewellery Shops


[Face Recognition for Surveillance]

HydrA.I Face Recognition for surveillance is top-ranked according to NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test(FRVT), Up to 50 000 000 comparisons per second on one CPU core. Our Face recognition algorithm matches 2.6 million faces a second!

With HydrA.I FRS:

  • Recognise people from the blacklisted photos and notify security to take action to reduce risks
  • Recognise whitelist customers so they can experience exclusive VIP service from the moment they arrive

Instant Alerts and Notifications

HydrA.I Realtime Alerts with Images on Cloud, for instant situational awareness, HydrA.I Mobile Application is available for iOS and Android.

X PixoN - Our Technology

X PixoN, the proprietory technology, converts low powered Intel SoC(Systems on a Chip) machines to AI / Deep Learning Marvels.

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Research and Development

Ground Zero is the SkunkWorks of IOZ, a dedicated team of mathematicians involved in futuristic projects research.

Wheels of the Future

Cognitive Wheels research & development is to enable Semi Autonomous Driving Vehicles for Indian Roads.

Cognitive Wheels, An Intelligent Driver Assistance System, controls the wheel, when it's absolutely necessary(to avoid crashing on to objects, health emergency, driver fatigue, etc.)